Facilitate online bookings, get more customers, analytics and much more!
Meet Zo
Zo is a next-generation alternative to the boring job of waiting for your turn but instead saving your time by scheduling an appointment at your nearby salon . Book a slot at your local salon or have the comfort of salon at your home, the epitome of ease. It provides a wide variety of salons and an even wider range of facilities to choose from!


Provide App Booking option
With Zo you can provide an app booking service to your existing customers! More people prefer mobile for booking services. Zo helps customers to book an appointment in less than 1 minute.
Expand your client base
People value efficiency! Benefit from Zo’s marketing and get exposure to potential new clients! Zo is a niche app focusing only on salons. People will use Zo to search for salons in their area, get their information like directions, phone number, ratings, etc. On Zo you will get exposure and a chance to directly connect with a potential client!
Easy Management
Managing bookings has never been this easy! Forget the pen, paper, call system. Zo streamlines the process to efficiently manage bookings.
Customer Analytics
Gain valuable insights on customer activity and accordingly make decisions to boost your business.
Help them Social Distance with Zo
With the pandemic affecting all of us, with Zo you can ensure there is not waiting time for customers with efficient booking and therefore increase the safety at salons.
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